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Five Things You Should Avoid Doing In Brazil

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You can save a lot of money with cheap flights to Brazil, and there are many things to do during your stay. Most Brazilians are friendly and laid-back, but they can be rude at times to visitors who commit social faux pas. Here are some things that you should avoid doing during your stay in Brazil.

1. Being Impatient

This is one of the major mistakes many people make when they visit Brazil. Lateness is nearly a way of life in Brazil, and the lines at stores and ATM’s will make you understand why. Do what the locals do to pass time like checking social media and reading e-mails. You should also know that in Brazil “I’m arriving” or “estou chegando”, many times means that they are at home, but are going to arrive sometime during that day.

2. Try to Hide Your Wealth

There are many cities in Brazil that have high crime rates, with most of the victims being travellers. To avoid this, you should avoid making yourself a target. Carry a very cheap phone, hide your camera when you are not using it, and avoid wearing jewellery. You should also think about carrying a second cheap phone and small notes if you happen to be robbed. If you have to carry large bills, you should hide them, and do not carry your credit cards or passport.

3. Do Not Be Afraid of Showing Skin on the Beaches

On the beaches, less is more. While the dental floss bikinis are no longer in fashion, small bathing suits are the norm. The locals do not care about the way that you look, and it is common for women and men of all shapes and sizes to wear bikinis and tight trunks.

4. No Criticising Brazil

While the locals are known for being vocal about their homeland, this does not mean that you can be. You should avoid speaking down about Brazil. At the same time, try to avoid praising the country too much because Brazilians know there are problems in their country.

5. Being Squeamish About Meat

Many Brazilians love their meat, and their beef is some of the best in the world. However, if you are not a fan of odd cuts, you should note that before your meal. Many locals enjoy delights like cow-foot soup and chicken hearts. Most Brazilians will understand if you say no, but do not express distaste or disgust because you could offend people at the table. You can find many places that still serve standard cuts.

Taking one of the many flights to Brazil can be very exciting, but you should take some time to learn about Brazil and its culture. This can help your trip be more enjoyable and relaxing.


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Some of the most breathtaking underwater life on planet earth can be found in the turquoise waters of Maldives. Poking out of the deep blue water of the Indian Ocean are more than 1,000 islands and even more reefs – this is the Maldives.

First off – Travelling to the Maldives

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There isn’t a better place to honeymoon – picture this: a warm, secluded area with an inviting atmosphere and where the sunsets are so magnificent that they take your breath away.

There’s not a better place to relax and have a romantic getaway. There are more than 90 resort islands with Maldives hotels you can choose from. Every year, more than half a million people travel to Maldives for a honeymoon or a holiday vacation.


Beaches in the Maldives

During your Maldives travel, you won’t want to miss the beach. In fact, Maldives is world-famous for its heavenly beaches, which is probably why thousands of tourists travel to Maldives each year. Maldives actually means “Garland of Islands.” This translates to “Paradise for beach lovers.”

The thing that makes Maldives beaches truly incredible is their immense beauty.

The beach is a place where tourists can enjoy many different adventures – from a beach bum day to wind surfing, tanning, swimming and snorkelling, diving and boating, the beach is really paradise for beach lovers (and honeymooners).

The most stunning beach in Maldives is Nalaguraidhoo (located in the South Ari Atoll). Just one walk across this beach, with the cool breeze in your face, and the peaceful atmosphere and you’re sure to fall in love.


Things to Do in the Maldives

It’s not just the beaches that brings tourists to Maldives each year, the area is full of sightseeing spots, cultural beauty and delicious delicacies that keeps vacationers coming back. If you enjoy fishing, you’ll want to make sure you get some night fishing in during your trip.

Night fishing is a special Maldivian form of entertainment – enjoy the peacefulness of night and watch the starry skies while you fish. Then, at the end of the night, you’ll barbeque it all up and enjoy a meal that you caught.

Some Maldives hotels offer photo flights, a place where you can savour the beauty of the country from the air. Or, if you get bored being in one place for too long, try an island hopping excursion. This excursion lets you actually visit different Maldives hotels and see what each island has to offer.


The main shopping hub in Maldives is in Male, the capital city. Many shoppers say visiting Male is a true delight.  Majeedhee Magu is the main shopping site and is a place where you can literally find anything you ever wanted – cute handbags, trendy jewellery, perfume, you’ll find it in Majeedhee Magu.  If you’re looking for souvenirs you’ll want to check out Chaandhanee Magu. Or, for local produce and handmade treats, you’ll want to head to the local market.


Eating and Drinking:

It probably won’t come as a surprise, but Maldives cuisine typically is made up of sea food (which makes sense considering Maldives is made up of several islands). Maldives hotels, restaurants and most guest houses will actually serve Western food in addition to the local cuisine, but if you really want to get a taste of Maldives, make sure you head to a café (locally called hotta).

Before you leave Maldives, make sure you at least taste some hedika, they come in several varieties and are a must-have during your Maldives travel.


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Anyone who has been to Malaysia knows this to be true: “To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia.” Malaysia is a melting pot of races and religions. You’ll find Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups living together in peace in Malaysia. Because of this multiculturalism, Malaysia has become a tourist’s paradise.

Malaysians are very laid back and friendly, and they sure know how to throw a good party. If you can, try to plan your trip around one of their many festivals – you won’t regret it. And, let’s face it Malaysia weather is beautifully warm.

Geographically speaking, Malaysia is as diverse as its culture is. Malaysia is divided into 13 states and three Federal Territories – all of which has something unique to offer. Some regions have towering skyscrapers that look down on small houses standing on stilts, while others have Malaysia hotels just moments away from ancient coral reefs. Whether you stay in a Malaysia all inclusive resort or a simple hotel, you’ll likely fall in love during your stay.

Mosque in Malaysia

Malaysia Tea Plantation

Petronas Towers in Malaysia

Malaysia Beaches

Malaysia is located in the heart of the Indo-Pacific Basin, which is the heart of the world’s most diverse marine life. In Malaysia you’ll find long stretches of pristine beaches with emerald seas and warm, golden sunlight.

You’ll also find fresh water lagoons, which are great if you are looking for a quiet moment to just sit and think. So, whether you are looking for a sun-drenched beach, a tropical jungle, a hidden resort, or a remote island with beautiful marine life, odds are you will find it in Malaysia.

Things to Do in Malaysia

Malaysia is quickly becoming one of the best diving destinations in the world because he has one of the best and richest marine environments in the Indo-Pacific Basin. The white sandy beaches, clear warm waters and diverse marine life keep divers coming back for more.

While you are diving, you’ll see Hammerhead Sharks, schools of barracudas and many different species of turtles, Frogfish and Ghost Pipefish. Don’t worry if you aren’t certified to dive, there are tons of dive centres in Malaysia, so you’ll be able to take scuba diving courses before you head out into the wild.


No matter your taste (or your budget) the shopping is great in Malaysia. In fact, many people consider Malaysia to be a premier shopping destination in South-east Asia. If you love malls, you won’t be disappointed – Malaysia has multiple six-story shopping malls and department stores. Or, if you prefer smaller, handicraft Centers, they have those too … and they are all duty free. So, whether you are looking for sophisticated shopping malls or roadside bazaars, you’ve got plenty of shopping options.

Eating and Drinking

Nowadays, it doesn’t have to cost the earth to fly to far-flung destinations like Malaysia. In fact, there are cheap flights to Malaysia and flights to Langkawi from the UK all year round. Search flight comparison sites such as, CheapFlights, Skyscanner or Travangelo to find the latest deals and cheap flights.

There are 27 million (and counting) people living in Malaysia, and many are of different ethnicities. Because there is such a wide-range of ethnicities, Malaysia has a rather colourful and unique cuisine. Malaysian food is not just one particular type of food, instead it’s a culinary spectrum of tastes and textures. The food originates from Malaysia’s historical heritage, but the multi-ethnic population has also helped shape the cuisine. Every dish you taste has a story, from tales from foreign lands to family migrations – and it all comes out in the food.